Vintage male erotica

Kim Fox by Bruce of Los Angeles – color photos.

Kim Fox by Bruce of LA 1

Kim Fox by Bruce of LA 2

Photos of hot bodybuilder Kim Fox from a late-60s magazine, probably published about ten years or so after they were actually taken.

Andy Buck by Douglas of Detroit
Andy Buck by Douglas of Detroit

Douglas Juleff is best known for taking nude studies of his models – at a time when a jail sentence was almost a certainty if (when) a photographer was found to possess such work in his studio – or was discovered through a postal “sting” operation.

Late 60s nude – duo by J. Brian

nude men huge cocks by J Brian

Once it became legal to publish a completely nude male figure (c. 1966-1968) and the posing straps fell away, the need to couch erotic male images in coy costumes and poses gave way to blatant, in your face exhibitionism. Still, for all that, there was a “cross-over” period where the studios/photographers still tried to get good-looking guys and pose them in pleasing ways before they realized that any pic with a hard-on would do to make a buck.

The man known as “J. Brian” came into his own during this cross-over phase, and some of his nudes are quite wonderful. He stayed in the male erotica business into the 70s and, I believe, the early 80s, publishing magazines and even producing films.

Nudes by Douglas of Detroit

Naked hunk by Douglas of Detroit

Naked man by Douglas of Detroit

Douglas Juleff is one of the few artists known mostly for his nude works – the ratio of pouched-to-nude shots from his studio is very small!

John Corvello, Mr. California of 1965

John Corvello in Muscular Development

John Corvello

A good-looking young bodybuilder who continued to model into the 70s. He made two musclemag covers two years apart in 1965 and 1967, and ten years later bared all for Norman Eales in Playgirl Magazine (February, 1975) and for Roy Dean in his “A World of Nudes” (also published 1975).

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